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Home Renovation / Home Improvement

Never the less, what ever you do to your house, plan ahead and do it with professionals.

A friendly note: Not all the home improvements pay its value when it gets appreciation.

Then what are the improvements gives you back?

Here are 9 home renovation / improvement projects that may pay off

  1. Painting
  2. If you're only going to do one thing, paint. Interior/exterior painting is one of the very few improvements on which you are likely to realize a pay back other than kitchen & Bath —as long as you choose neutral colours and the work is very professional. Payback: 50 - 100%

  3. Kitchen
  4. One of the most expensive improvement projects, as it is the center point of your house. Careful planning and shopping will help minimize costs here but not limited to your taste. Payback: 75-100%.

  5. Bathroom
  6. If your home has only one bathroom and is meant to house more than two people, a bathroom addition should be one of your top priorities. If most homes in your neighbourhood have two, three or more bathrooms, and yours has just one or one-and-a-half, you will definitely increase your property value by adding a bath. Payback: 75 - 100%.

  7. Basement
  8. Whether it's an attic or a basement, by finishing these spaces you add significant value to your home, increasing square footage without having to build. Payback 50-75%.

  9. Window/door replacement
  10. If your windows or doors are wasting energy or simply decrepit-looking, replacements can be an excellent use of your home improvement dollars. Stick to standard styles; odd shapes and highly customized arrangements do little for resale value. Payback: 50-75%.

  11. Build a Deck
  12. Decks are one of the few exterior improvements with any significant return, apart from painting. Payback: 25 - 75%.

  13. Recreation Room Addition
  14. Increasing square footage is almost always an excellent use of remodelling. Payback: 50-75%.

  15. Home Theatre Room
  16. This project is becoming increasingly popular.But the Payback: 25-50%.

  17. HVAC
  18. The latest and greatest may be an over improvement for your home. Heating specialists will often have study results that can assist you in estimating the cost of changing a system versus short or long-term savings. You may also consider more than one option by combining systems to incorporate for instance in-floor heat in one area, space heaters in another, and a gas fireplace as a backup. Payback: 50 - 75%.

    Two projects that are unlikely to pay off at resale: swimming pools (which may even adversely affect your property value) and excessive landscaping (buyers may admire it but few will pay extra tens of thousands even if that's what you spent to improve the grounds). And remember that badly done remodelling/renovation projects will cost you in two ways. You won't pay just for labour and materials; you'll pay when buyers see a project that has to be redone.