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Toronto Open Houses

"Toronto Open Houses" are very informative. It is a social event, the visitors are the future buyers. The Realtor hosting the Open House, always take care of the seller and the future buyer. Visitors must be careful by unwillingly touching the sellers articles on display. By Krishnan Vijayan East York

Some Realtors host it with feast and most of them do arrange some refreshments for the visitors. "Toronto Open Houses" are very important for buyers and sellers. Let me tell you some tips for the buyers where you need to pay attention.Click here for "Tips" By VJ Krishnan Google


Before you commit to an agent for buying/selling your home, ask yourself: Am I doing a favor to this agent because he/she friend of mine or someone known to me? What if I did not get what I want after the purchase or sale of the property he/she helped? Why I should not interview the right agent (like VJ Krishnan) before commit to someone who just called/door knocked/ introduced/ sent flyers and cards?

The big difference between them and the right agents (like myself) is, they are passive and we are active.

Call me at (416) 731-5085 for an interview before commit to someone.

Toronto East Open Houses

Riverdale Open House
Coxwell Open House
Woodbine Open House Beaches Open House
East York Open House Lumsden Open House
Wexford Open House Kennedy
Open House
L'Amorx OpenHouse
T O'Shantr OpenHouse
Oakridge Open House Birchcliffe Open House
Eglinton Open House Cliffcrest Open House
Bendale Open House Woburn Open House
Highland Creek OH West Hill Open House
Rouge Open House Malvern Open House

Toronto Central Open Houses

Downtown Open House
Waterfront Open House
CasaLoma Open House
Annex Open House
Forest Hill Open House
Oakwood Open House
Bedford Open House
Lawrence Open House
Bathurst Open House
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Mount Pleasant
Open House
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Sunnybrk Open House
Parkwoods Open House
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Newton Brk Opn House
Willowdale Open House
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Toronto West Open Houses

High Park Open House
Swan Sea Open House
Junction Open House
High Park Open House
Rockcliffe Open House
Smythe Open House
Yorkdale Open House
Humber Open House
Black Crk Open House
Dnsview Open House
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Stonegate Open House
Q way Open House
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West Way Open House
W Humber Open House
Rexdale Open House

York Open Houses

Aurora Open House
Markham Open House
Newmarket OpenHouse
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VaughanOpen House

Peel Open Houses

Bramton Open House
Caledon Open House

Halton Open Houses

Burlington Open House
Halton HillsOpen House
Milton Open House
Oakville Open House

Durham Open Houses

Pickering Open House
Ajax HillsOpen House
Whitby Open House
Oshawa Open House
Clarington Open House
Tips for Toronto Open HousesClick Here to Go to Home

Tools You Need: Flash light, Tape Measure, Scratch Pad with Pencil

 1) Kitchen
2) Bathrooms
3) Living / Family Rooms
4) Bed Rooms
5) Garage - Check if the door operator works fine.
6) Basement - Check if there is mold, leak, etc.,
7) Backyard - Check if the rain water backups to the basement.
8) Air-conditioner - Check if it is covered and installed on a concrete pad.
9) Furnace - Check for the inspection log on what date it was inspected last time.
10) Thermostat - Check if it is functioning.
11)  Water tank / Tank less water heater - Check for the inspection log tag.
12) Electric Panel - Check the AMP and does it have circuit breaker
13) Attic - Check for the insulation.
14) Roof - Check if you see any where peeled
15) Drive Way - Check if the slope beside the basement wall draining water in or out.
16) Windows - Check windows or leaking air - Hold a toilet tissue paper.
17) Thermal loss - Check for thermal loss which will aggravate your utility bill.
18) Plumbing - Check if the joint of water meter and the connecting pipe leaking.

 "Toronto Open Houses" visit must be organized diligently so please keep these
tips in your mind.

 Kitchen: Go to the kitchen first to see how it looks and arranged, then look
at the cabinets and under the counter tops to see if there is a leak from the
drain pipe or a possible worn out base.
Bathroom(s): Go to the bathrooms
check all the faucet and toilet system functioning and make sure the tiles are
in place. Don't forget to see for molding.
Living / Family Rooms: See the
living and family room if they can fit your furniture or you need to change the
Bed Rooms: Go to Bed rooms and check if the size is enough for

Not just this there are so many important things to view, verify and inspect in the "Toronto Open Houses" that I can guide you.

TIPS: If you do you a home Inspection, you can get the price reversed like I did it to my clients.