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Landscape Design - Features

The features of landscape design include natural elements along with your added designs. For instance, a rock garden can use natural elements that you will find in your own backyard, arranged in an attractive fashion. Decks and patios are your optional features that are used in the design plan to provide a comfortable area for you to entertain and relax while you enjoy the tranquility and serenity of your own natural space..
Common features of landscape design include flower gardens, shrubs, fountains, ponds, decks, patios, rock gardens, gazebos, swimming pools and carefully arranged trees. An effective use of lighting is another feature that should be included in a landscape design. For instance, if you plan to entertain a great deal in your backyard, you should consider lighting for night time entertaining and plenty of comfortable seating for your guests.


A larger landscaping project can be broken down into smaller stages to keep the costs low. The costs can also be kept low by doing a majority of the work by you instead of hiring landscapers as there are free online videos being provided by the nurseries. Building a pond or a deck is a do-it-yourself project that is much less costly when the price of labor is eliminated, before building a pond, please follow carefully steps explained by the nurseries. The project will also be much easier to complete if it is planned in small stages instead of one large landscaping project. It’s good to span the project for a few years down the road to get the landscaping design that you want.
The first and most obvious benefit of your landscaped Front or Backyard is the peace and tranquility that you will enjoy in your own home,but there are many more benefits that you might not consider.

The ability to entertain guests in your backyard is one of the benefits of landscaping your backyard. A swimming pool in the backyard can also save on family vacations (Please consider the safety practises for the structures and the personal).

Your home value (and resale potential) will be increased with a well-appointed and landscaped backyard.

Landscape design allows a homeowner to enjoy the beauty of nature in the comfort of their own home. Getting back in touch with nature can be an effective stress reliever at the end of a long difficult day in the city.

The work involved in maintaining a landscape design is also beneficial for many people who find gardening and maintaining a lawn enjoyable.
Please remember to use the mulches on the exposed soil to conserve the dampness. You will save lots on water bills. Also consider using the rainwater harvesting system.

Rainwater Harvesting

The Benefits of Ties with Natural Rainwater Harvesting System

Provides the freedom to avoid strict water bans and watering restrictions.
Ideal for plant health – the rainwater is extremely rich in nutrients, oxygenated, soft and neutral unlike municipally treated water or hard well water.
Reduce your water bill by 35% or more while alleviate the demand on municipal treated water.
Enhanced landscaping increases your property value.
Pondless waterfall provides soothing sights and sounds that help you relax and de-stress in today’s busy world.
Protects our rivers, streams and our lakes from storm water runoff pollution.
Significantly reduces flooding and soil erosion.
No unsightly plastic above ground tanks maintaining the integrity and beauty of your home and landscape.
Multi Purpose use of water like, Landscaping, Laundry, Toilet Flush and Car Wash.

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Downloadable Landscape Plans

Sheridan Nurseries offer designs for foundation plantings, borders, perennial, herb, water, and rock gardens, as well as patios and containers.